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Stray Rescue of St. Louis Gave A New Life To A Lost Family

Have you ever encountered a stray animal on the street, wondering where it came from and how it can survive? 

That is where Stray Rescue of St. Louis steps in. This rescue organization has been making a difference in the lives of stray animals for years and deserves recognition for its tireless efforts. This story is about how they saved a complete dog family lost in a house.

An emergency call

Chief lifesaving officer of Stray Rescue of St. Louis, Donna Lochmann, is always ready for calls to rescue stray animals. On the day of this incident, Donna received a call saying that an abandoned home’s basement had a terrified puppy. She knew she had to investigate right away. She spent a second and arrived at the location. Lochmann said they could hear several puppies immediately after they exited the car. She was unaware that a small dog family was waiting there for assistance.


They rescue every animal and leave no one behind.

Three fearful puppies, each about six weeks old, were yelping to be heard as Lochmann followed the calls to the basement. Lochmann suddenly listened to their mother barking in a different room of the house. Lochmann rounded up the puppies, and before putting up a trap for their mother, she led them to her Jeep. But the frightened mother dog ran away from the trap.

Lochmann said they never wanted to leave mom behind, so she went back a few more times, hoping that mom would still be in that area. Lochmann returned to the residence again but could not locate the stray mother dog. On her third visit, she heard a recognizable bark coming from the house’s first floor. A fourth tiny puppy was at Lochmann’s feet when she peered down after hearing a small yelp as she climbed the stairs from the basement to the first floor.


Extreme circumstances

Lochmann said that she could not believe it; The day they were there, they looked everywhere for the original puppies but found none. Before reaching the landing at the top of the stairs, Lochmann was initially perplexed about how the puppies were entering the basement. There, she discovered a sizable hole in the floorboards, through which it appeared the puppies were dropping. Lochmann discovered four more puppies on the first floor. She said there were eight puppies, including the three they found on the first day.


The rescue was not over yet.

Lochmann checked that all the puppies were safely in her Jeep before returning inside to search for the mother. This time, she placed a trap within the residence and awaited Mom to look around. Later, the mother dog was safely confined when Lochmann returned to check on her.

Lochmann said that they got eight puppies total and their mama off the streets that day. She brought the mother dog, as well as her puppies, to the shelter for care. Lochmann named the mom dog Windy Day.

It is adopting time.

A short time after arriving at the shelter, the remaining five puppies also found foster homes. Lochmann took the first three puppies into foster care. Windy Day, their mother, still needs a family to take her in and show her love. And about that, Lochmann said that she is looking forward that somebody will take the mom dog soon, and she is super sweet.


Stray Rescue of St. Louis takes care of the mom dog.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis is a group of animal lovers who are significantly impacting the lives of stray animals in their community. Stray Rescue does everything from rescuing animals in danger to providing medical care and finding them loving homes. They placed Windy Day for adoption on the Stray Rescue of St. Louis website. She is currently spending as much time as possible with the shelter staff, who are happy that she’ll never have to experience loneliness or fear like she was in that abandoned house ever again.


Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis | Facebook

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