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Exploring the Benefits: Study Reveals Bearded Men Excel as Ideal Boyfriends

When we finish high school and become adults, some guys like to grow a beard. A full and well-kept beard on your chin can make you look more handsome and self-assured. However, just like the hair on your head, your beard needs regular washing, conditioning, and sometimes a special treatment to keep it soft. So, taking care of your beard is important to make it look impressive.

Think about famous people like Chris Hemsworth and Tom Payne. They look even more good-looking with their nicely grown beards. Many other celebrities also look more interesting with beards, except for Leonardo DiCaprio. So, what’s your opinion on the beards of Jake Gyllenhaal, George Clooney, and Joaquin Phoenix?

A recent study, led by Barnaby Dixson from the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland, has shown that there’s a scientific reason why some of us like guys with beards.

In terms of biology and how things have evolved, people tend to find faces that look more masculine more attractive for shorter relationships. But when it comes to longer relationships, faces with beards are considered more appealing than those without.

Furthermore, according to a research in university in Queensland Australia, asked from 8,520 women to judge photos of various men, rating them based on how physically attractive they found each one to be. The men in the photos were clean shaved or fully bearded, with everything in between. The study found that those men with more feminine features (smoother skin) were less attractive than those with more masculine features (exhibited by facial hair).

Therefore, it has proven that guys with beards were measured as marriage material, while a tiny beard generally considered as better for casual relationships.

The research says, “Our findings show that having a beard might look good when thinking about long-term relationships. It could be a way of showing that you’re strong and capable, which could be helpful for women.”

In addition, having a full beard not only helps a man appear attractive but also helps him connect better with a partner. Some women don’t really like facial hair on men, and that’s okay too. Some men prefer to keep their cheeks smooth, and there are definitely people who will like that too. What women like in men often depends on the kind of relationship they want and the roles they want to play. If a guy changes his facial hair, he might have a better chance of finding the kind of partner he’s looking for in a relationship.

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