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Thanks To A Stranger, This Little Bird Can Live To See Another Day

Nature is a fantastic thing. Sometimes, nature teaches us things in ways we never would think. And as a part of nature’s gifts, good caring men and women still live in this rapidly changing world. Doing good deeds without anyone asking them to. The following story is about a man who saved a chick’s life without gaining anything.


Another casual day Or is it?

On the morning of the incident, the story’s hero, Samaritan, had no idea he would change a little bird’s destiny. He was usually walking on a road in Brighton, Australia. He suddenly observed something unusual on his way. It appeared to him like a soft cotton ball resting near a tree. He was curious. He had a feeling he should check what it was. So he came near a ball of cotton.

It was so soft, and no one could recognize what it was

He took the little fluffy ball to his hand. He lost his words when he saw that little puff had legs and a face. Although it looked like a cotton ball from afar, it was a tawny frogmouth chick. Combining the information, the Bystander concluded that the infant must have fallen from a nearby tree. The person who saved the small bird decided to transport it to the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary after a failed search for the family.

The Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary


Thanks to the Samaritan’s kindness, he handed the little tawny frogmouth chick to the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. After that, they fed the poor thing and measured it on a small scale, and they had to check its size. They name the chick “Pod.” The Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary said the rescuer could not locate its parents or nest, so he brought it to them. Having a little pod with them was a world to the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. Later, the shelter uploaded pictures of Pod to Facebook with the caption, “Can you identify this adorable little fluff ball?”


Who are Tawny frogmouths?


Due to their huge heads, nocturnal habits, and brown coloring, Tawny Frogmouths, native to Australia and Tasmania, are frequently mistaken for owls. The birds may quickly blend in among the tree branches where they live because of their mottled hazel hue.

The Australian Museum states that frogmouth parents construct their nests from loose stacks of sticks and that after their young are born, they rotate between sitting on the nest to keep the eggs warm.

Pod’s life at the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Pod will stay at the sanctuary until it becomes a grown tawny frogmouth to survive on its own, at which point the sanctuary will carefully return it to the wild. The pod would have had a different destiny if the Samaritan was not there accidentally. Thanks to him, the pod can fly off to trees one day.

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