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The Chimpanzee Mother Was Separated From Her Newborn Baby For Two Days

A mother’s affection for her child is universal despite the differences between humans and animals. Chimpanzees are famous for their strong family bonds. This story is about the strong bond that exists between a mother chimpanzee and her offspring, and even though they have to separate for a while, the bond between mother and child endures.


It was a boy!

Giving birth is an extremely painful circumstance any woman encounters in their life. Mahale, the 28-year-old chimpanzee at Sedgwick County Zoo, had to experience the exact moment as humans. It was her third baby, and it was a baby boy. Mahale wanted to hold her newborn in her hands as any mother would. But doctors at the zoo couldn’t do it due to a reason.

Emergency operation

On the day of labor, everything went well first. But, Mahale’s labor stopped progressing, and the medical staff stepped in. Mahale gave birth to the baby boy through an emergency C-section. Sadly, her infant was having trouble breathing on his own. Until doctors determined his health, the baby had to remain for observation.

Mother and baby reunited.

For two days, she hadn’t seen him. Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for came. As soon as she saw her baby, she scooped him up in a tight embrace and had not put him down since. Someone captured the moment on camera and showed the intense love and relief on the mother’s face as she held her baby for the first time in two days.

The reunion between mother and son was a touching moment for the zoo staff and anyone who watched the video. The zoo named the baby chimpanzee boy Kucheza.


Mahale and Kucheza both are now spending their best time.

In the wild, chimpanzees have strong maternal bonds and nurse their young for up to four years. The young chimpanzees also rely on their mothers for support and protection for up to ten years after weaning. The maternal bond between mother and offspring is crucial for the survival and development of the young chimpanzee. Mahale and Kucheza are both doing well, according to zoo staff. Kucheza is a peaceful, content baby who spends most of his time resting and eating, while Mahale is attentive and caring.

Source : Sedgwick County Zoo


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