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The Impact of Raising the Minimum Wage: A Chef Reveals How This Decision Completely Changed His Business

In his nearly ten years as a professional chef, Kevin Roberts has worked with a wide range of ingredients and diets from all across the country, including California, Alaska, and Florida.

A new chapter in Kevin’s life began with the launch of FitChef in 2016. It began by preparing meals for a modest number of customers, averaging around 40 per week at first. However, a keen eye for detail and the flavor profiles of a seasoned pro have allowed it to grow.

 Kevin’s company had outgrown the state’s minimal wage, a few weeks ago. 

Mississippi’s hourly minimum wage is $7.25. 

Image credits: Kevin Roberts

However, Kevin Roberts, the proprietor of FitChef, a meal preparation company, felt this wasn’t sufficient.

According to Frederick Herzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory, basic necessities like a reasonable wage and civil employment conditions are merely “hygiene” aspects that keep employees happy.

According to BambooHR’s Head of Talent Acquisition, J.D. Conway, Herzberg’s concept may be a little out of date and have some limits, but it nevertheless provides insight for business owners trying to improve their company’s offerings.

Herzberg believed that job happiness is influenced by two factors: hygienic concerns and motivators. According to him, hygiene issues are not the source of contentment, but they must be addressed with first to establish an environment where employee pleasure and motivation are even conceivable.

These are Herzberg’s hygiene issues: company and administrative rules; management; salary; interpersonal relations; and working environment.

Herzberg, based on the content of this post, must be pleased with the direction in which FitChef is heading.

According to a new study of over 600 US companies with 50-500 employees, 63.3% of employers claim that retaining employees is significantly harder than hiring them FitChef. Is a good example on the way to address such issues. 

What people thought of Kevin’s public Facebook post is shown below.

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