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The Most Expensive Wedding Cake In The World Was Made In Dubai And Its Price Is Worth It.

Everyone who went to the wedding show in Dubai had the lucky chance to eat a cake that looked like a bride and was worth a million dollars.

Debbie Wingham, the person who made this amazing cake, really wanted to impress everyone. She’s known for being the most expensive designer in the world, and she proved it by creating the most expensive cake ever. This cake was worth 54.6 million euros!

This cake bride is really tall, about 1.82 meters, and weighs around 120 kilograms. That’s even heavier than a real bride! The cake was so big that there was plenty for everyone to enjoy a slice.

To make this cake, they used a thousand eggs and 20 kilograms of chocolate in the ingredients. The whole cake can be eaten, including the outer shell made from 50 kilograms of sweet confectionery.

The cake’s details are amazing – you might mistake it for a real bride at first glance. There are flowers and pearls on her beautiful dress.

Can you imagine eating this cake? Think about how much each piece could cost.

They used over 5,000 flowers to make it, and it took about 10 days to decorate.

The cake also has fancy decorations, like pearls and diamonds that are worth 200 million dollars. They used these to make the bride’s head look special.

In the next picture, we can see Debbie posing with a “simple” cake, as she calls it.

What’s really amazing and impressive is that this woman doesn’t just bake cakes; she also designs incredible and one-of-a-kind shoes that look really beautiful. This particular pair of shoes is priced at a “modest” amount of 15 million dollars.

Her creations are really impressive. If you check out her Instagram account (debbie_wingham), you’ll see for yourself.

What are your thoughts on the talent this woman has?

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