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These 12 men deserve a medal for their ability to run relationships smoothly!

There are times when our relationships don’t go as planned. But sometimes the guys are often able to help us forget our problems and difficulties thanks to their ingenuity and humor.

To demonstrate this, we have compiled a list of examples of men who were able to successfully steer family life.

#1 When he knows the perfect way to plan a night out

#2 The way my husband responded to my text in which I asked how the day actually went with the baby

#3 Its my husband who came up with this perfect solution to help me get rid of my habit of slamming doors accidently

#4 When I asked my husband to take care of the dishes for the day and now this is how it actually looks

#5 My husband’s party organizing skills are the best and yes it’s for the kids!

#6 He made this outfit for her by himself and chose to propose her, based on his favorite animated movie

#7 My husband did actually give me a hint that the milk is expired

#8 An original marriage proposal

#9 When I asked my husband to buy six potatoes and he actually bought six!

#10 This guy gifted his girlfriend this picture drawn of her as a Disney Princess

#11 My husband’s hint to say that my sweater had shrunk in the wash

#12 My husband found a cute way to console me on worrying about being round when pregnant

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