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These 20 Animals with brothers from another mother are adorable

It’s not difficult to find two animals that look alike. After all, a lot of white rabbits look like other white rabbits and black horses appear like other black horses. Decided to go for it? Let’s instead look at “twin” animals that aren’t even related to one other.

We scoured the internet for animal siblings from different mothers, and I’m happy to report that we came up with a comprehensive list. Nature is full of reflections – from horses with their miniature dog equivalents to cats and guinea-pigs that are practically identical! Enjoy.

#1 Looks like the horse’s son, isn’t it?


Nearly every animal species on Earth (including humans) has a body covered in structures known as “hairs” or “fur.”

Hoekstra is the Alexander Agassiz Professor of Zoology at Harvard University’s Departments of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology and Molecular and Cellular Biology and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator. We reached out to him to acquire more knowledge about the appearance of animals.

“Fur on an animal looks different (or the same) depending on (1) length of the hair (2) thickness, (3) density, and (4) composition, that is, the makeup of distinct hair types,” she explained. “Most rodents, for example, have four hair types: awl, zig-zag, auchene, and guard hairs.”

“Guard hairs, for example, tend to be coarse, thick, and long, but they are only found in select areas of the body (e.g., the rump or the back of the neck); guard hairs are not extremely common in comparison to other hair types.” Spines are modified hairs that have evolved frequently among rats. Of course, hair pigmentation is an evident characteristic that can make animals appear more or less attractive.

#2 She loves her new but odd kitten

Pavlova Polina

#3 Yes, he is my brother from another brother


We also contacted Dr. Jessica E. Light, Associate Professor and Mammal Curator at Texas A&M University. She stated that there are four primary uses for fur:

1) insulation

2) tactile or sensitive (consider whiskers, a form of hair);

3) defense (protection of the skin and defense against predators (think quills and spines));

4) the visual (provide information to the same species or other)

#4 How dare you prey on him, he is mine


#5 Let me take my pony on a walk

#6 One could mistake these two cows as twins as they look so alike


#7 Don’t you think that one of us is a spy?


#8 Yes we are siblings wearing the same dress


#9 Hey there, I got a new play mate


#10 Can you even identify the one which does not look alike?


 #11 Cross fits


#12 Matching siblings


#13 The bow and meow


#14 My closest brother from another mother


#15 The kitty had successfully disguised himself


#16 Cute looking twins


#17 A part looks alike while the rest doesn’t


#18 Cat and the Guinea Pig who look alike and are chilling together


#19 My adopted twins


#20 I just found my brother


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