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These 20 tattoos do of course mean something!

Tattoos are a kind of art for some people, while they are simply a fashion trend for others. Many individuals regard them as simply another method of expressing themselves or feeling connected to something. However, there is a subset of people who choose to permanently tattoo their skin in order to express something significant about their life or to commemorate and remember unique beings who are no longer with them.

We enjoy discovering and sharing photos and stories with you that have the ability to improve someone’s life. It’s not just a storyline in this case; it’s physically something etched into people’s skin, which makes it more special.

#1 Scottish thistle “Brigadoon” is the design on my tea cup at grandma’s place and I’ve drunk tea from it all my life. So, I thought of getting the pattern tattooed on my wrist!

© JordanRasko / Twitter

#2 My dog’s paw on my feet

© stephiiejean18 / Reddit

#3 So, I thought of getting the same tattoo as my grandpa’s 50 years old tattoo

© SleepingWillows / Reddit

#4 My father’s dream of having matching tattoos was made true as he always wanted it to happen when he was alive

© everyday__grey / Reddit

#5 A client being brow tattooed with a rare design as if some hair was lost in middle

© lynneasomething / Reddit

#6 Tattoo of my best friend in reminiscing his growth and I still miss him every day!

© asveca / Reddit

#7 Me and my sister walking towards the entrance of the Universe

© nicolaims / Reddit

#8 I have hearing issues and this is just to remind people of it!

© dunham-doodles / Reddit

#9   4 birds in a row resembling my lost 4 babies

© KenPie2 / Reddit

#10  Got the silhouette of my grandpa tattooed as I miss him so much now!

© iluvvoatmeal / Reddit

#11 Doesn’t it look kinda scary?

© MrStealUrGold / Reddit© Black Panther / Marvel Studios and co-producers

#12 “When the tartan represents my mother’s side of the family, whereas the Maori represents my father’s side.”

© mahehe86 / Reddit

#13 We do get matching tattoos for each and every trip and this represents that it rained all week!

© thought_I_knew_excel / Reddit

#14 My family picture will always remembered

© phoebedorn / Reddit

#15 It was important to me that the artist capture my sensitivity in his or her work… No matter how long it takes for me to lose this pet, I’ll always have it with me. I also like the red dot signature. As a result, everything is made unique. “

© Pjohnx / Reddit

#17 In the hospital with my mother, I wore this tiny red badge of courage.

© ac_jinx / Imgur

#18 This reminds me all about my dog who passed away three years ago

© sheltrav / Reddit

#19 These three butterflies cover the scars left by an appendix removal surgery

© helen_tinc_etherington / Instagram

#20 I miss my mother and this is how she ended every single letter and card

© bobandi2898 / Reddit

Bonus: Madonna who got her wrist tattooed with the initials of her 6 kids

© madonna / Instagram

Do you also have a tattoo with a hidden meaning? Then share it with us!

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