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These 8 ancient medical treatments shouldn’t have been revived.

People have always required medical assistance since their birth as well as their existence. Sometimes our forefathers had knowledge that’s so advanced that even modern medicine couldn’t decipher it. However, most of the methods used in the past were peculiar, if not risky.

We investigated a few of them and decided to share the findings with you.

#8 Smoking goat fat was used to treat toothache.


Dentures and dental prostheses were made even in ancient times. A 14,000-year-old human tooth was discovered in Italy with signs of dental work.

Some of the ancient methods used were quite unusual in comparison to modern methods. The dental treatment recommended by Avicenna was to smoke a mixture of goat fat, henbane, and onion. In Pliny’s time, the only way to get rid of a toothache was to catch a toad at midnight, blurt in its mouth, and mutter special “curing” words into its ear.

#7 Standing, sitting or weighing on their haunches, mothers gave birth to their babies.


People in ancient India knew how to move the fetus in utero. With primitive instruments, healers in some African tribes were able to perform a cesarean section in some cases.

Due to the influence of the church, the majority of ancient knowledge was lost in the middle ages. As a result of a lack of development in maternity care, many women and their newborns died during childbirth.

#6 As anesthetics, they used juniper and mandrake extracts.


Surgery was a field in which our ancestors excelled. Patients in ancient Mesopotamia were anesthetized with alcohol and opium by doctors.

In ancient Egypt, mandrake fruit extracts were prepared. Cannabis, juniper, and aconite were used in India and China to induce anesthesia. It’s hard to say if they were successful or not.

#5 Exercise and holy water were used to cure chronic illnesses.


In the time of Hippocrates (460-370 BC), epilepsy was believed to be the result of divine intervention. He was convinced that wind, cold, and sun were to blame for this disease. The belief that epileptics were possessed by evil spirits led to prayers and holy water being used to treat them in the middle ages.

Ancient doctors treated diabetes with physical exercises and healing herbs, but this didn’t work, and the patients usually died as a result of the treatment method.

Many dermatological diseases like Psoriasis were thought to be incurable. It was mandatory for patients to wear a bell as a warning for others to keep their distance from them.

#4 To treat almost all illnesses, bloodletting was used.


Bloodletting was a common practice in India and the Arab world, and it was even mentioned in ancient Greek and Egyptian documents.

Blood, it was believed, contained “bad humors” that had to be expelled in order to cure the patient’s condition. In medieval times, barbers were responsible for the bloodletting. In the 19th century, it was incredibly popular. Tonsillitis was cured in this way for George Washington as well, although he died shortly after.

#3 Snake venom and poisonous herbs were used.


To combat infections prior to the discovery of antibiotics, people relied on plant poisons and snake venom. Small proteins called disintegrins were found to be responsible for their antibacterial properties by modern scientists.

Cannabis, opium, and henbane were all used in ancient Egypt. It was common for doctors to add dried snakes and scorpions to potions during the Middle Ages.

#2 They used skull trephination.


Earlier, doctors would pierce their patients’ heads with a drill to cure them of headaches, epilepsy, and other psychological disorders. In the history of medicine, trephination is the oldest surgical procedure. There is also evidence from human remains from the Neolithic era to support this. In ancient American civilizations, as well as during the Renaissance era, this method was very popular

#1 One of the most popular treatments at the time was a tobacco smoke enema

JohnCalvinAndThomasHobbes / imgur

Digestion problems, insomnia, stomach cramps, and parasites could all be cured with a tobacco smoke enema. When they discovered that tobacco contains poisonous nicotine in the 19th century, these enemas fell out of favor.

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