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This Dog Had To Go Through The Most Terrible Days Twice In Its Lifetime

Dogs have a reputation for being steadfastly loyal and loving to their owners, and it is no secret that they are some of the most faithful companions a person could ask for. The way dogs demonstrate their loyalty to their owners is unexplainable in words. It is a feeling everyone should feel. From their willingness to protect and defend us to their constant desire for our affection, dogs are our loyal companions. This story is the best example of the valuable quality of dogs.

A lost dog found a loving family.

Hurricane Harvey did a lot of damage to people, animals, and properties. But due to its luck, this dog, Benny, was saved in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. And in early 2018, a family from Washington. And its life started to brighten once again. It was Scott Ballenger who took the responsibility of taking care of Benny.


According to his daughter Alexis Nazarino, Benny was unsure of men, and they did not know his background, but he loved her dad and heard his car coming even before her mom did after work. He and his father, Scott Ballenger, became fast friends and did everything together from when he moved into his new house.

Ballenger family changed Benny’s life positively.

Benny may have had a terrible experience before arriving at the Ballenger family. No one could quickly recover from a horrible experience like a hurricane, but things changed fast. With all the love the Ballenger family gives Benny, they could become friends and give their love back to them. The small dog traveled everywhere with Ballenger and his girlfriend.


Sudden unfortunate incident

It was August 29. Suddenly the Ballenger household became unstable. Everyone’s beloved father, Scott Ballenger, was admitted to the hospital due to a critical condition. The most confused one in the family was Benny. He had no idea about what was happening to his beloved father. He watched everything. Benny constantly desired to be by his father’s side, so the Ballenger family transported him to the hospital where he could be with him.


Benny did not want to leave his father.

Nazarino said Benny would sniff his head and face but was unsure what was going on. And he would sit with dad for a few minutes here and there. But eventually, something did shift. Benny showed signs of not wanting to leave his father’s side, as though he realized how sick he was and how much his father needed him.


He sat next to him the entire day, hugging him as tight as possible and lovingly resting his head on his father’s arm. Benny knew that was his dad’s final day after all the time they had spent together throughout the previous 18 months, and he did not want to let him be alone for a minute. Scott’s daughter said there was genuine love between them. Sadly, Ballenger died the following day.

It was not easy for Benny.


Since the passing of his father, Benny has been struggling emotionally. He searches for him during the day and mourns him at night. Benny’s mother and the Ballenger family have provided him comfort and love despite the loss. They are confident they can overcome this hardship together. Although Benny will always feel his father’s absence, everyone is grateful that he was able to be by his father’s side and express his love for him during his final moments in the hospital.


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