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To create magical illustrations, I combine animals, people, and the night sky.

Nature fascinates me, especially the night sky! Constellations, stars, the pitch black night, and animals, particularly painting them!

So I decided to start a series in which I would combine these two elements and conjure up some magic!

I do them in black and white with a Moleskine sketchbook and fine liners.

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An illustration created combining the roots of a tree and a deer. Isn’t it wonderful to see hoe the two elements are perfectly combined together resulting in an awesome illustration!


Seems like the spots on the dog goes are a result of a paint flowing from a painting brush. Isn’t it lovely to see a natural process described simply in this way by a simple drawing?


Night sky is portrayed beautifully by combining it with the reindeer. And it can even be seen as a trunk of a tree when seen from another angle.


How do you like this white owl ghost? Isn’t the constellation on the background perfectly mixed with the object of the drawing?


Romance reflected on the theme of nature and the night sky is absolutely stunning! Isn’t it? The moon stands as a witness and as a glow up on the two lovers. 


A lovely combination of a panda and a bamboo tree with a perfect chemistry between the two elements is clearly seen here.


An element of the modern world too is combined here in the form of bricks to reflect upon the theme of nature. 


Motherly love is portrayed here at it’s best with the night sky being added to it’s element. 


How do you like this new interpretation of Ursa Major? 


Eyes that reflect constellations of a night sky stands as a mirror between the viewer and the illustration. 


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