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Mom Makes Her 12-Year-Old Friend Wear A Seat Belt In Her Car, Ends Up Fighting With The Friend’s Mother

It’s still perplexing that there are people who would willingly refuse to wear a seat belt—a vehicle accessory developed specifically to maximize a person’s chances of survival in the event of an accident, regardless of who or what caused it.

What’s more perplexing is that this type of conduct doesn’t change and is even passed down to subsequent generations, creating a never-ending cycle of error.

Then people get upset because they are being ordered to do something that is common sense, but is also supported by laws for a very good reason. That’s the story.

Enforcing rules on children is difficult, but it is even more difficult when these rules must also be enforced on parents.

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Meet SafeTaro, a Reddit member. Taro is the mother of a 12-year-old girl named Danielle.

Danielle’s mother once recommended that Taro rideshare her daughter, as well as Danielle and her 14-year-old elder brother: Danielle’s mother would drive them to school, and Taro would pick them up afterwards. She concurred.

Danielle and her brother, it turns out, aren’t big fans of seat belts. Taro had a lot of problems convincing the two to wear their seat belts. For the mom, this was a no-brainer because she had lost a friend in a car accident that could have been avoided if only a seat belt had been worn.

This mother described how her daughter’s friend and brother refused to wear seat belts, and she ended up being “the evil guy,” costing her daughter a friend.

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While the children’s disdain for seat belts never went away, the debates did. Until Taro needed to go to the post office after picking up the kids from school. Those two took their seat belts off within the minute or two she was out of the car.

The children’s started refusing to put it back on again. So the mother determined that if they didn’t put it on, they wouldn’t be able to go anyplace. Demands were made on both sides for 45 minutes, parents were contacted (but to no avail), and the children were eventually sent home.

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That is not all. Upon her return, Taro receives a call from Danielle’s mother. Being late for her son’s soccer game gets him in trouble. The idea that they were in someone else’s car and should have followed with their rules is not something Danielle’s mother is willing to accept. Their conclusion: carpooling is a bad idea.

Danielle is now forbidden from being friends with Taro’s 12-year-old until Taro apologizes for everything. As a result, the daughter is upset and won’t speak to the mother, and her father thinks she should fake an apology. In other words, she has absolutely no support. Reddit, learned about the story from an AITA post.

Image credits: u/SafeTaro

Trying to discover out who was at fault, Taro shared her experience with the world on the internet. The truth is, she was not. Other than remarking that it was inappropriate to teach children that seat belts are irrelevant, some pointed out that arguing with another adult, much alone one who is worried about safety, is simply plain unpleasant.

Someone else brought up the law as well (at least in most western countries). Danielle’s mother, on the other hand, is the one who should apologize for raising disrespectful children. This is not to mention that if the kids continue to be friends, Taro’s daughter could be negatively affected by this behavior.

Because of this, her request to follow a law that assures safety was approved by the internet.

There were more than 14,000 upvotes for the post and over 2,000 comments. The top comment received even more upvotes—nearly 24,000. In addition, the story was covered by a few news sites.

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