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When A Mission To Search For A Man Failed Everyone, The Last One That Came To Anyone’s Mind Saved The Man’s Life

Some incidents happen in this world that make us think, ‘dog the definition of loyalty’? If you are a dog owner, you may already know the lengths a dog would go to show their loyalty. This story is evidence of dogs’ unwavering loyalty and devotion and serves as a reminder of the vital role pets can play in our lives.


A troubling news

Gregorio Romero lives in Sonora, Mexico. People call him Don Goyo in the area. Although he was 84 years old, he went for a walk at the end of November. It was the last time his family heard from him. No one did not know where he was going. The family looked everywhere they thought he would go, but no one could find this elder. His niece decided to go to the authorities after four days. She filed a missing person report under Gregorio’s name.

They found no trace.

Authorities searched the area looking for Gregorio. They spend hours and days yet need help finding where Gregorio went. They used every technique they had, and even when seven days passed, they were at the same place on the first day. Everyone lost hope.

A light in the dark

When there was no result from anything they tried, authorities turned to Gregorio’s closest friend. Palomo was a 2-year-old dog. Palomo was like a family member to Gregorio. When Palomo picked up Gregorio’s scent, he started to move forward. Everyone’s hopes started to brighten again.


Palomo found his beloved master

Palomo directed the search team to an abandoned lot three kilometers from the elder’s house. Don Goyo had severe evidence of hunger and terrible signs of severe dehydration between hills, pathways, and ravines. For a week, Gregorio had been lost and roaming.


Bringing back Gregorio

Authorities saved him and took him back to the town so he could receive the critical medical care he required. When his owner was transferred to a care facility, Palomo was always waiting for him at the hospital’s entrance so they could rejoin.


Others have been inspired by Palomo’s story and moved by the dog’s unwavering devotion to and willingness to stand by his owner. This incident shows the strong bond between humans and their pets and the incredible lengths animals will go to to protect and care for their owners.


People online gathered to praise Palomo for his affection and devotion to his owner as soon as Mexican officials announced the good news on their Twitter account.

Source : Fgjesonora | Twitter

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