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When doctors wanted to place a teen with Down’s syndrome in an institution, she thrived as a successful role model

Renée Garcia, the mother of Kennedy Garcia who is 15 years of age, was devastated when a doctor told her to “just lend her for adoption”.

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After hearing that Kennedy would have no quality of life and would be in diapers until adulthood, Renee, 40, was “heartbroken.”

As a result of her conversation with a kind midwife, Kennedy was described as “beautiful” by the midwife, who also explained that her own daughter, who also has Down’s syndrome, was able to live a somewhat normal life.

Kennedy has resisted any “depressing” predictions 15 years later, and is now thriving as a model for top US brands, as well as competing in state-wide dance competitions.

Matthew, the devoted boyfriend of the positive teen, is by her side at all times. Simply, the teen had even found her true love!

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A doctor asked her mom to give up on her and lend her for adoption when she was born

Credit: kennedyjean04/Instagram

After 15 years she thrived as an adorable model

Credit: kennedyjean04/Instagram

Her 19-year-old boyfriend has the same disorder though an artist and an actor

Renee said that she felt devastated on the day of Kennedy’s birth as the doctors and nurses had already given a negative impression of her future due to the disorder.

“Kennedy, on the other hand, now, is a typical teenage girl. Dance, sing, and experiment with hair and makeup are among her favorite pastimes. She has a group of friends who adore her.

The world is at her feet now that she’s grown into a gorgeous, funny young woman. “She’s brought us so much joy and laughter.”

American Girl, Justice Clothing and Disney have all worked with Kennedy, who is just 15 years old and has an adorable portfolio.

Credit: kennedyjean04/Instagram

Kennedy had to wear a metal frame for six months after her family discovered that part of her spine was separating from the base of her skull.

Credit: kennedyjean04/Instagram

When Kennedy’s frame was off, Renee took her to her first dance class, and she hasn’t given up since then.

But it hasn’t been a smooth ride so far.

Kennedy was born with Down’s syndrome and also leukemia, and her family later discovered that a portion of her spine had separated from the base of her skull, according to her mother.

Kennedy had to spend 6 months stuck in a metal frame and she spent this confined time watching dance videos.

Renee took the kid to her first dance class when she was well enough to do so, and she hasn’t given up on dancing since then.

Today, she is employed by KMR Diversity and Dream Talent Management. She travels to Hollywood and New York on a regular basis to participate in auditions, castings, and as extras on television shows.

Credit: kennedyjean04/Instagram

They predicted that Kennedy would have a miserable life and be in diapers until she was an adult, but she has resisted all odds and is now a happy, healthy young woman!

Matthew, Kennedy’s 19-year-old boyfriend, is also an artist and actor who has the same syndrome, He spotted her at an audition for an advertisement when she was 12 years old.

Then Matthew came over and handed Kennedy his phone, saying that he thought it was broken because it was “missing Kennedy’s phone number”.

Thank goodness Renee has given him her seal of approval, calling him “funny and brave.”

Kennedy was asked to go to Matthew’s homecoming dance last year, and he asked if she would be his girlfriend.

The relationship is now going strong with Renee and Matthew’s mum Emmy flying them back and forth between California and Colorado.

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The committed mom decided to not give up on her daughter no matter what

Taking Kennedy to New York City for a job last October left Renee speechless.

Mother of Kassidy, 20, Kameron, 18, and Keegan, 12, Renee said that Kennedy was the same child whom was told to put in an institution due to the syndrome by the doctors which was actually wrong and lead her to believe that she would never be able to enjoy her life in future like the other teens do. 

Credit: kennedyjean04/Instagram

Renee told The Mighty that she believes “progress is being made” in raising awareness about the syndrome as Kennedy is lovingly accepted wherever she goes

In addition to her typical teen behavior, they observe that she enjoys texting, hanging out at the mall and making videos on Tik Tok. She also enjoys talking about boys.

It’s all I want for her: to be happy, no matter where she ends up in life.

“I have no doubt that she will continue to develop into an independent, strong, and amazing adult, whether she chooses to act, model, attend college, give a public speech, or pursue another career path. My only wish is that she continues to live her life to the fullest, regardless of the circumstances. “

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