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When old people fail to use something correctly, it’s hilarious.

A microchip’s transistor count doubles every two years according to Moore’s Law, resulting in faster computers and exponential technological advancement. These findings might explain why older adults have trouble keeping up with the quickly evolving digital world.

When it comes to computers and smartphones, our elders are still in their infancy. When they absolutely and utterly fail to use today’s technologies, it’s funny. Tech blunders are not the only things to blame; some are even the result of being out of touch with the present. When explaining to granny that uh… “thing” she has isn’t really what it appears to be, so how can you do so in a respectful manner?

Our intent isn’t to criticize them; it’s just amusing (and sweet) to see those we deem wiser than us are proving us wrong. We’ve gathered the most recent instances, but you can also check out our other collections here and here. It’s easy to vote for your favorites, and you can even teach your elders how to do it.

#1 A picture of us together would be great. The Front-Facing Camera will be activated now. Grandma: When did you take that picture? Me: This is us RIGHT NOW!


A world without or even a time before the internet is difficult to comprehend now that the internet has grown so much in just thirty years. A larger number of young people rely on it, while prior generations did just fine without it.

We have to ask ourselves why older people would need it at all, in the first place. If you’re attempting to convey the benefits and enjoyment of the internet to someone who has never heard of the term “internet,” it can be difficult.

#2 The “Gender Reveal”


#3 Here’s my favorite photo of my grandmother. She was struggling with the mixer.


#4 This tie was given to my grandfather for free in the 1990s and he wears it to every Passover Meal.


#5 He just used his flashlight to brighten up dad’s iPad screen


#6 While getting his passport photos taken, grandfather accidentally pressed the wrong button.


#7 This picture was taken while My Grandparents Were Waiting for each other At The Mall


#8 Because my father enjoys reading, I bought him a Kindle as a birthday gift.  As you can see, It’s a bookmark for him.


#9 I told my grandfather over the phone that I wanted to build my own computer, and a week later this arrived in the mail!


#10 “Bob” is perfect, isn’t it?


#11 As soon as my mother set up a Facebook account, she sent me the following message:


#12 Because my grandmother mistook this for a cross, she hung it on the wall. I opted not to correct her because I didn’t want to upset her.


#13 My grandmother is aware that I am an Uber driver, but she has no idea how it operates. There was a note on it that read: “Thought this might be good for your Uber appts”


#14 My wife’s grandfather has unsubscribed from Facebook.


#15 My Grandmother, an avid gardener, has been wearing this mask for several weeks. The cashier at the store today explained it to her.


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