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When people came across such bad designs, they simply had to share them.

Designing a product, advertising, or construction is a considerably more challenging task than you may believe. Sure, you could argue that humans are inherently artistic and appreciate aesthetics, but the sad reality is that there are far (far!) too many design failures out there. I’m not going to lie; they occasionally keep me awake at night. It’s amusing and terrible to think about them at the same time. And the most dramatic pictures tend to stay with you for weeks, if not months. Good designs, why are you so hard to find?

Here’s a subreddit full of examples of double-plus-bad designs, which are mocked and shamed for our entertainment. Take a look at some of the best (worst?) recent design failures they’ve published. Please remember to upvote those you find to be the worst of all, and let me know which ones were your favorites in the comments!

#1 Nebraska Gas Station The color scheme of the station was red. They attempted to be artistic.


#2 The new school in my neighborhood has a button for wheelchair access on the door, but there is no way for a wheelchair user to reach it.


#3 Do you mean Lex or Derp, by the way? Lox? No, It’s supposed to say Jax for Jacksonville, Florida for $18 million.


With 2.6 million members, the community that makes fun of terrible design is a goliath on Reddit. Since January 2011, the online group has been a true pillar of design conversation online, spanning from the ludicrous and lighthearted to the in-depth and serious.

The subreddit has grown by about a million members in the last two years, from 1.7 million passionate supporters. They were generating 2 million page visits per month at the time. That alone demonstrates their fame.

#4 Excellent Image to Assist Your Child in Not Freaking Out While Getting A Haircut


#5 Women’s Jeans, Please, With The Remainder to unlock the pocket


#6 The Stairs at the Hotel Have A Striped Carpet. Even after two weeks of not using and being completely sober, it’s still difficult.


This subreddit’s moderator team has been quite helpful to me in learning more about their community. The “initial motivation” of the subreddit, according to one of the moderators, was to “call out” for bad design.

“These days, most of our subscribers undoubtedly come here to have fun. However, there is a lot of discussion about why or why not anything is [poor] design here,” the moderator told.

#7 This baby’s head placement appears to have been unplanned.


#8 The Best Cat Carrier to Keep Your Sexy Cat Safe


#9 Where do you think the earphones should be?


We may intuitively understand what good design is, but getting the design just right is a significant struggle. However, it is not simply about beauty or utility (though both are important as well!). The concept of good design goes even deeper.

Don Norman, for example, feels that the essence of design is… communication. In ‘The Design of Everyday Things,’ he writes, “Design is actually an act of communication, which requires having a profound awareness of the individual with whom the designer is communicating.”

#10 Pet Clippers That Allow You To Pull Naked Dogs From Their Furry Behinds


#11 It is really hot where I live, and it is impossible even to keep sitting in the park.: The bench


#12 Why is the Clear button green but the Enter button is yellow? I kept clearing my pin by accident.


#13 This Akron Zoo sign depicts a man peeing on to his own face.


#14 A 500-year-old tower has undergone renovations in a weird way


#15 They’re an odd couple.



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