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Why Do Internet People Always Keep A Tab On This Dog? Who Is This Watermelon

Animals are part of nature. We cannot live without animals. In one way or another, we depend on animals. Are stray animals any different? No. Although homeless, they are still animals and need care and protection. As humans, we need to give compassion and kindness towards stray animals. This story shows how a community can come together to help an animal in need and provide stray animals with a better life.

Watermelon, the dog with such a remembering name

In the bustling cities of Georgia, the people treat stray animals with compassion and sterilize them to control their population. However, despite these efforts, the problem of stray animals remains more persistent than ever, and there are several reasons for this.

One stray animal that has captured the hearts of the people in Tbilisi, Georgia, is a dog named Watermelon. This cute and fluffy dog has become a local landmark in the city, so much so that it has its own Google Maps reviews with positive feedback and fans who are always eager to feed her. Watermelon is a female dog and can be easily recognized by the blue tag on her ear, indicating that she is homeless but does not threaten others.

Many people on the internet are familiar with Watermelon.

Watermelon’s popularity has led to various social media posts dedicated to documenting his adventures and sharing updates about his well-being. He has also earned positive reviews on Google Maps, with many people commenting on their encounters with him and expressing their love for the lovable stray.

A Twitter user named @lampimampi was shocked to learn that the dog he greets and interacts with every day is a famous landmark in the area.

Watermelon was once a popular subject on Google Maps, with over 70 reviews and a flawless reputation, but the website later deleted this specific mark. Despite this setback, the dog has the most enthusiastic comments online, as people fondly call her “sweet bun.” Here are some social media posts of how people on the internet care about this lovely dog.

This user claimed that the dog was initially cared for by an older woman but currently resides in a cardboard booth on Amagleba Street.

Watermelon attracts millions of people to Tbilisi, Georgia

A Twitter user @catchshirrecat visited Watermelon Dog, purchased her some food, and shared how they could do the same with others.

With the increasing popularity of Watermelon, the pictures and reviews about her online have become more frequent, attracting the attention of dog lovers from all over. These animal lovers have been helping to take care of her daily, ensuring that she is well-fed and has all her needs met.

Watermelon is a true testament to the power of love and the positive impact that one individual, even a stray dog, can have on a community. His friendly personality, adventurous spirit, and unwavering resilience have made him a beloved local landmark and a source of inspiration for people worldwide.

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