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With Hilarious Costumes, 95-Year-Old Grandma and Her Grandson Prove That Fun Has No Age Limit

It is reasonable to say that people of all ages around the world have a variety of hobbies. Sports, music, dancing, and sketching are just a few examples of things that we as humans never tire of doing, regardless of our age. And what could be better than having more people interested in the same hobby? It’s always wonderful to have common hobbies with your friends or family…and in this scenario, family relationships are really important.

For example, Ross Smith, a social media personality and Youtuber, and his 95-year-old grandmother Pauline Kana have a unique passion.

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What is their hobby, you may wonder? The couple is the epitome of ‘partners in crime,’ as they spend their time recording videos and taking goofy photos together! But wait, there’s more! On certain days such as the Fourth of July, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and others, the grandson and grandma enjoy cosplaying as various characters or dressing up in costumes.





Let’s be honest, most of us would want to have a grandmother like this. Could you imagine inviting your grandmother to join you in wearing similar costumes? Most of us would assume that our grandmothers would either respond, “I’m too old for this!” or flatly refuse such a ridiculous proposal (unless it’s Halloween, of course).



But have any of us considered how entertaining it would be to have a grandchild who came up with all of those ideas? Of course, it varies on the individual, but we’re pretty confident most of us would be happy to snap some cool pictures with our grandchildren when we’re older!

















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