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World’s Oldest Cat Is 31 Years Old And Still Has Many Years Left To Live

Ever wondered about who the world’s oldest cat was? And how old he was? Would you believe if I say, he is 30 + years old now? Yes, he is! He just celebrated his 31st birthday, making him a candidate for the title of world’s oldest cat (similar to 141 years in human life span). Nutmeg is his name, and he chose his humans by appearing in their backyard some 26 years ago, when he was just a kitten. According to Nutmeg’s humans, he “runs the house and he’s very adorable”.

As a stray, Liz and Ian Finlay adopted the adorable kitten in 1990, when it became friends with Spice, their own cat. Their Local Cats Protection told the owners that Nutmeg was at least five years old when they brought him in for treatment of a neck abscess. But to qualify for Guinness Records, Nutmeg’s owners would have to present the documentation that confirm his age, and that’s a bit of a challenge, but they’re already on it.

After suffering a terrible stroke last year, this old cat is back to his former self, making everyone around him wonder how many years this cat has left. No, he’s not our family pet; but we are his human owners, and he never forgets it. He treats us dearly as if he is thankful towards bringing him up. ‘Perhaps that’s the key to his long and happy existence. In the past, it was Corduroy who was the world’s oldest cat as per the Guinness.

The world’s unofficially oldest cat, Nutmeg celebrated his 31st birthday which is similar to 141 years, if he was a human

He’s the man of the house, and he’s really stunning.”

The Finlays took up the cat as a stray in 1990 after he became friends their own cat.

His age was estimated to be at least five years old when he was obtained by his new owners.

A Guinness World Record application will need the Finlays to provide official documentation.

However, despite his older age, Nutmeg is still the Finlays’ favorite pet.

A spoiled brat, that’s for sure… At five every morning, he comes in and we feed him”

Nutmeg suffered a terrible stroke last year, but he’s back on his feet now…

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